Deployment Delivered

Stackahoy is a central control station for managing and configuring automated deployments for modern web applications across all git repository providers securely, efficiently and in real time.

Decouple your workflow

We built stackahoy on the belief that the ideal deployment tool should work within your existing workflow, regardless of which combination of Git providers or CI SaaS products you use. To accomplish this, Stackahoy makes use of webhooks - available in all of the major git repository managers.

This method allows Stackahoy to accommodate a wide range of software, while maintaining servers and specific deployment configurations in one place. Stackahoy does not restrict how or where you deliver code, be it via dedicated server, VPS or shared environment.

Deployment configuration made simple

Post-deployment commands

Specify commands to run on the server once a deployment has been completed. This is a great time to build assets, run migration scripts, or restart the application.

Real-time activity logging

Watch the action taking place on your server in real time. Logs are saved and archived automatically, eliminating the need to do so manually.

Security and reliability

Using either SSH key-based or password authentication, Stackahoy is able to to safely and securely deliver your codebase. We use a 256-bit encryption at every step.

Manage Dynamic Files

Professionally manage your configuration and environmental files in one place with the static files feature.