Automated deployments that fit how you work.

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Keep it simple.

Stackahoy is built with the belief that the ideal deployment tool should work within your existing workflow, regardless of which combination of Git providers or CI products you use. Stackahoy does not restrict how or where you deliver code, be it via dedicated server, VPS or shared environment.

Configuration file management

Keep environment specific files out of your codebase by creating dynamic files within Stackahoy which are created on each deployment.

Automated AWS Lambda Deployment

Seamlessly deploy your Lambda functions alongside the rest of the application by providing the directory within your repo and the function to which it should deploy to without having to worry about packaging and uploading.

Efficient file delivery

Files are intelligently merged by respecting the .gitignore file(s) and only updating what has changed without requiring git or any dependencies on the destination server.

Post-deployment shell

Specify commands to run on the server once a deployment has been completed. This is a great time to build assets, run migration scripts, or restart the application.

“Stackahoy helped us manage automatic deployments like a breeze.”

Anurag Maherchandani
Techinical Lead, Hiver

“Stackahoy has changed the way we do deployments.”

Tim Ziembicki
VP Operations, Subject Matter

“Stackahoy is a brilliant tool.”

Nathan Monk
VP Operations, Smile

Elegant Pipes

  image: stackahoy/stackahoy-cli
  stage: deploy
    - stackahoy deploy -b production -r $REPO_ID -t $STACKAHOY_TOKEN
    - production
Docker based CI Example using Stackahoy CLI Docker container.
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