´╗┐Getting Started

Deployment doesn't have to be a pain. Stackahoy is an all-in-one control station for managing and configuring your web application deployments across all git repository providers securely, efficiently and in real time.

The process to get yourself set up is easy.
  1. Register your servers and repositories with Stackahoy.
  2. Enable Stackahoy through your git provider of choice.
  3. Deploy easily, automatically and securely. Oh - and wicked fast, too.

Stackahoy conforms to your existing processes and preferred technology.

Stackahoy is the most versatile, compatible deployment tool on the market. Our goal is to fit seamlessly within your team's existing development environment and infrastructure, regardless of which combination of Git Providers or CI SaaS clients you use.

To make this work, we make use of two features that all major Git providers and CI SaaS products have in common - webhooks and deployment keys. Doing so allows you to make Stackahoy your central hub for all deployments, no matter how many different Git providers you use.

The end result is an environment in which you can watch your deployments be delivered and built, in real time. Explore the documentation navigation at left to see how easy it is to get started using Stackahoy.